…weddings and engagements in the family…

Andrea’s step sister Alyson recently married Ben in December.  I shot the rehearsal party and it was a very fun, casual party.  We’ve all welcomed Ben to the family.

My wife’s nephew was recently married in Asheville, NC.   Matt and Megan had a fun rehearsal dinner which I shot, then an amazing wedding up on a mountaintop just south of Asheville.  Local photographer Katy Cook shot the wedding and I’d suggest checking out her web page if you want to see some amazing images at    Andrea’s nephew Jimmy is also getting married next April too.

And, my niece Jordan just got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Denny.  We’ve had one engagement party and I’m sure there will be more in the future.

It’s been a fun couple of weeks and we have more fun to look forward to with new family members and two weddings next year !!


Alyson and Ben’s party….


20131206-_JGW9379 20131206-_JGW9436


Matt and Megan’s party…….

20140524-_JGW1548 20140524-_JGW1565 20140524-_JGW147920140524-_JGW1475



Jordan and Denny’s engagement party…..


20140531-_JGW8750 20140531-_JGW8720 20140531-_JGW8715


Portraits and Shoots

…a few from a recent LULLWATER show…

…Andrea and I recently traveled to Atlanta to see one of Joseph’s shows. Lullwater’s closest show on their most recent show was Atlanta, so we were forced to pack a bag and head north to see them. The best bonus of this trip was visiting my good friends Steve and Ann Cone – a long lost friend that I worked with while I was in college. They had moved on up and live in the Atlanta suburbs these days, but treated us like kings and queens during our visit. Glen and Holly Price were also there from Savannah and we all had a great weekend. The Cone’s and the Price’s seemed to enjoy the show. Then, to top the weekend off, the Cone’s took us to a Braves game and made sure it was a win !! !! !! Great weekend was had by all !!










Portraits and Shoots

…another post from the world’s worst blogger…

It’s almost the end of summer, at least according to all the little groms that are getting ready to head back to school. It’s been a quiet summer for me, nothing but work. The lovely wife and I are headed to Atlanta this weekend to see our son’s band play. This will be a nice little getaway for us. We haven’t done anything this summer – this nasty economy has not been good to us. But, the highlight of our fall is quickly approaching – one glorious week in Cape Hatteras is but 8 weeks away!!

I shoot the Eastern Surfing Associations year end championships in Hatteras every year and I am so looking forward to our week in heaven. I’m also doublely excited that I’ll be taking my new longboard up there this year. I’m excited to get it in the water in Hatteras. If Frisco Pier was breaking like it was last year when we were there, I’ll actually get to use the board as it was intended !!

Posting a couple of images I’ve shot lately. Some paid work, some not – but all fun to shoot regardless !!!

Tate and Sadie

Georgia District ESA end of the year banquet...

Joe and Brett from Lullwater - playing an acoustic gig is Savannah, GA while in between Lullwater tours...

Portraits and Shoots

…Easterns 2012…

…Shot Easterns again this year.  Stayed with our best travel buddies lately, Joe and Jackie Richardson.  They’ll tire of me soon, so I’ll enjoy the ride for as long as I can !!   Nice weather this year – could have have some larger waves, but at least it wasn’t flat.

Contest was held again this year up in Nags Head at Jennette’s Pier.  I think the temporay bridge that is still spanning Highway 12, just north of Rodanthe, has the ESA a bit too nervous to have the contest in the traditional location near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton.

Portraits and Shoots

…I feel your pain…

… I have a wonderful friend that lives in my second favorite city of St. Augustine, Florida.  I was reading a post in her blog and was saddened by her thoughts regarding her photography.

Talent is not an issue.  She has quite the amazing eye.  We share a love of shooting surfing and her catalog of images make me envious every time I view it.   Creative, inspiring, classic, new, old – just good stuff.

I felt her pain as I read her disappointment with her photography career, which she unfortuantately was associating with “sales”.  Don’t get me wrong, sales are a great thing.  It brings recognition, it brings new, shinny gold Nikon goodie boxes and a bit of disposible income to do with as you please.  But, the lack of sales by no means makes you a bad or poor photographer.

I one day pray that her “sales” are large and often and it makes her feel oh so good about her photography…….but she doesn’t need sales to prove her talent…..

Here a few of my recent images………..some for fun, some for sales………….but I enjoyed shooting them all !!

 …little Tripp Gill…

 …Noah handling a little right on Tybee Island…

 …Mallory Turner at Jacksonville Pier during the Sisters of the Sea contest…

Portraits and Shoots

….it’s June, and this is my second post on my blog this year….

Holy smokes – I suck at blogging !!

It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything, I guess I just have to sit down and blog about it.   I’m throwing up a few photos from the last few months, just to show that I’m actually still shooting a bit, just not doing a good job of blogging about it!

….add for local High School I shoot a lot of photos for….

…shooting my son’s band…

…prom photos…

….more surfing….

Portraits and Shoots

…I need to get busy on this blog…

Looking at my blog tonight, I realize how poor of a job I do at blogging.  Two posts last year – guess that does not exactly set any records for posting to your blog, now does it.

Lets see if 2012 brings me motivation to post a few more entries.  I had a nice Christmas considering how ugly of a year my wife and I have had.  We’ve been unfortunate in this economy – she lost her job in March and I’ve been on a few months of 32 hour work weeks, so it has been an ugly year to say the least.  But, we’ve made the best of it and I still have my house and although I’m as broke as I was in college, I don’t have the bill collectors calling.  I’ve been able to tread water just well enough to stay  a little bit ahead of disaster.

Maybe motivation and work will find me in 2012……….I sure hope so.